Pile of misc items stored in an unorganized fashion

Top tips for a hoarding clean up

Top Tips For A Hoarding Clean up A hoarding clean up is by no means an easy task to undertake. It comes with a lot of work behind it, involving adequate planning and a firm strategy in order for it to be executed efficiently and successfully.  Where do you even start with such a mammoth

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syringe on grass

What to do upon finding sharps

The term ‘sharps’ is a term used to generally describe sharp, hazardous items, such as hypodermic needles or syringes. These items are extremely dangerous to come to contact with and it is important to thoroughly research the action which you should take upon discovering sharps, to keep you a safe as possible in this situation.

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Removing permeating odours from your property

Living with a particularly awful odour inside your own home can be frustrating, tiresome and potentially dangerous, depending on what is causing the smell. Whilst some odours can be simply snuffed out from over the counter products or sprays, there are some that require a little more elbow grease on order to get rid of

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Police car at crime scene

What to do when your property becomes a crime scene

Having a crime in your home can create a lot of problems. Whether it is a break in, an assault or even a death, the affects can be felt long after the crime is originally committed. So, what should you do if you find your property is the setting for a crime scene? How will it affect you? And how

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Swift Specialist Cleaning Solutions decomposed body

How different environments affect human decomposition

The human decomposition process is a strange and relatively taboo topic. There are many factors that come into play when dealing with decomposition, and the main one is the environment in which the body is situated in. The University of Tennessee’s forensic anthropology centre is host to a ‘body farm’, which is exactly what it

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Swift Specialist Cleaning Solutions - Needles

What is a biohazard?

Biological hazards, (also referred to as biohazards,) are biological substances that are dangerous and can pose a threat to the life or well-being of a living organism, (primarily humans,) that come into contact with them. Biohazards can include a variety of hazardous substances that can be detrimental to human health, such as medical waste, viruses

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