Police car at crime scene

A Glimpse into the world of Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning

There’s no argument that one of the most challenging aspects of working within the cleaning solutions industry is trauma and crime scene cleaning. Unfortunately, sudden and undetected deaths are something that our team deal with upon a regular basis and, despite extensive training and years of experience, nothing can properly prepare our specialists for arrival

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Unsanitary kitchen

When should Unsanitary surroundings be considered as Unliveable?

We’ve all, at some point, had to endure the experience of an unsanitary public restroom or let ourselves slip a little when keeping up on our housework; however, at what point do our surroundings exceed the point of simply being a little messy and unclean and cross into territory of being completely unsafe? What can

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syringe on grass

What to do if you find discarded needles or drug paraphernalia 

Unfortunately, more and more of us are finding evidence of drug use around our residential streets, vacant properties, public toilets, leafy parks and work car parks on a daily basis. Not only are discarded needles and drug paraphernalia a significant risk to our health, most people aren’t qualified or equipped to remove them safely and

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rat on table

The dangers of hoarding

Hoarding can begin for several reasons, whether it be a decline in mobility, mental health problems or just an overwhelming sense of hopelessness and shame that the situation has to be got too much to tackle without expert help. Regardless of how the problem starts, hoarding can be dangerous for both mental and physical health.

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