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Blood Cleanup

What is a biohazard?

Biological hazards, (also referred to as biohazards,) are biological substances that are dangerous and can pose a threat to the life or well-being of a living organism, (primarily humans,) that come into contact with them. Biohazards can include a variety of hazardous substances that can be detrimental to human health, such as medical waste, viruses

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Police car at crime scene
Blood Cleanup

A Glimpse into the world of Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning

There’s no argument that one of the most challenging aspects of working within the cleaning solutions industry is trauma and crime scene cleaning. Unfortunately, sudden and undetected deaths are something that our team deal with upon a regular basis and, despite extensive training and years of experience, nothing can properly prepare our specialists for arrival

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Unsanitary kitchen

When should Unsanitary surroundings be considered as Unliveable?

We’ve all, at some point, had to endure the experience of an unsanitary public restroom or let ourselves slip a little when keeping up on our housework; however, at what point do our surroundings exceed the point of simply being a little messy and unclean and cross into territory of being completely unsafe? What can

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