We were recently called out by a large hotel whose fire exits were being used by homeless people as a sleeping area but more importantly using it as an area to take drugs.

The Police and Fire Service had got involved as the amount of accumulated rubbish (blankets, cardboard, food waste and human faeces) were causing a trip hazard should any hotel guest need to use the fire exit.

Along with the rubbish there was also the more hazardous threat of the discarded used needles, other drug paraphernalia and human body fluids (blood, faeces and urine).

Where human body fluids are involved there has to be an assumption, especially in a drug taking environment, that the fluids can contain harmful pathogens (Hepatitis B etc.) which can be transmitted to other humans by contact, inhalation, ingestion or absorption. Therefore, it is vitally important that  these items should only be removed by trained staff wearing appropriate PPE (personal protection equipment) and taken to a waste disposal site for incineration. Staff at Swift Specialist Cleaning Solutions  have undertaken an accredited course of training at The Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners and as such adhere to and follow current Health & Safety regulations.

The first thing that had to be done was to make the area safe for our own operatives to work in which involved meticulously sifting through every item of rubbish looking for contaminated sharps and human waste.  Sanitising as we went. This was the most time consuming part of the job.  All the sharps and the faeces etc had been bagged up and clearly marked it was then a matter of removing all the remaining waste and then a final sanitisation.

Once our work was done the hotel had arranged for another company to install gates to the exterior to prevent future access by the squatters.

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