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Cleaning up blood spills in the workplace – why your staff shouldn’t be asked to do it

Workplace accidents are common occurrences here in the UK. From a nick with a box cutter to bumping into a sharp table corner, these little incidents can be painful and cause significant distress, especially if evidence of the accident is left.

It might seem like a good idea to head to the nearest clean up station and grab a cloth or mop and bucket, but your staff shouldn’t be put into the position of cleaning up blood spillages.

And here’s why.

Bloodborne pathogens

Infectious microorganisms that reside in human blood, bloodborne pathogens are capable of causing diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) amongst others.

By asking your employees to clean up blood spillages, not only are you subjecting them to the risk of these diseases but if they haven’t been correctly trained in blood spillage clean up, you could be breaking the law too.

Inadequate cleaning

Blood spillages can be a tricky liquid to remove as it seeps into fabrics and other porous materials such as concrete floors. By reaching for the industrial strength bleach and a mop, not only are you helping to spread any bacteria around a larger surface area, but the stain may remain for a long time to come.

Lack of appropriate PPE, equipment and biohazard knowledge

You might think that all that’s needed is a pair of rubber gloves and a few household cleaning products to clean up any blood spillages and protect yourself from any potential bloodborne pathogens, but you’d be wrong.

Only a professional blood spillage cleaning service will be able to follow the correct process to ensure the safety and wellbeing of nearby employees (such as cordoning off the area and removing any affected materials such as carpets) and effectively remove the spillage safety and in line with advised health processes.

Contacting Swift Specialist Cleaning Solutions when you encounter a blood spillage in your workplace doesn’t just take the onus off your employees who are utterly unprepared for such an unpalatable task, but you’ll also be adhering to blood spillage best practice and helping to ensure the health of your staff.

For more information on our blood spillage service, click here or contact our friendly and knowledgeable team who are on hand to tackle any blood spillages on your behalf and sanitise the area properly.

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