Crime Scene Cleaner UK Blood Stained Carpet

How to effectively clean a blood stained carpet

A carpet is difficult to keep clean under the best of circumstances but if that carpet has been contaminated by blood it’s impossible to sanitize it without using professional materials.

One of the reasons why blood cleanup is so difficult is that it usually has time to soak  into the carpet and dry before anyone has had a chance to think about it as they would be more concerned about other issues. The blood will be in the fibres of the carpet, the backing, the underlay and maybe even the floor itself.  In severe cases of unattended death blood and other body fluids from a decomposed body have been known to penetrate the ceiling of the room below.

Crime Scene Cleaner UK Full P.P.E

This means that even if you surface clean the carpet, the underlay and floor floor may still harbor blood. This is why the Blood Cleanup is a job for professional cleaning companies. It can contain pathogens that may cause infectious diseases, including HIV and hepatitis. Professional cleaners will wear full personal protection equipment
from head to toe and will remove the contaminated carpet, underlay and, if necessary, the timber floorboards before allowing the room to be restored enable the room to its original condition.

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