Removing permeating odours from your property

Living with a particularly awful odour inside your own home can be frustrating, tiresome and potentially dangerous, depending on what is causing the smell. Whilst some odours can be simply snuffed out from over the counter products or sprays, there are some that require a little more elbow grease on order to get rid of completely.

 Scents such as skunk spray, pet excrement or urine and body decompositions can last for very long and be troublesome to remove, not to mention very distressing to live with as well. So, in this article, we will look at how we can rid ourselves of these terrible stenches for good.

Know what you are dealing with

Before you even begin removing the odours from you house, it is important to know what is causing them, and to take the necessary precautions when dealing with them. Some odours are a result of biohazardous materials, so wearing protective equipment is essential in the cases.

Equipment such as gloves, eye gear and aprons should be worn when tackling any bad odour, in case of spilling the cause on your person. You can also purchase respirators very easily from any home improvement shop, in order to prevent anything harmful from entering your body.

Deodorising skunk spray and pet urine

The process of removing the smell of skunk spray or pet urine from your property, is entirely dependent upon what type of surface the waste is on. For instance:

  1. Porous surfaces – Porous surfaces such as carpets and uphaolstery, require a deep clean if the smell is originating from this type of surface. Porous surfaces are notoriously hard to clean, so if you cannot remove the smell yourself, it may be worthwhile calling in a cleaning specialist to remove the source of the smell. Carpets with an excessive amount of urine should be thrown away.
  2. Non-Porous surfaces – Metal and plastic are all types of non-porous surfaces. A strong detergent is required for removing the natural oils which cause the odour, and mixing this with warm water should be an effective solution for removing the smell, and repeating this process will remove more of the smell each time.
  3. Semi porous surfaces – Semi porous surfaces such as wood require a cleanse of warm water and detergent, much like the last two surfaces. Allow the solution to settle on the surface for some time, as it needs to penetrate the wood in order to effectively remove the odour. However, if the surface is heavily permeated by urine or skunk spray, you should discard it, or seek assistance from a renovation company to help fix the damages caused.

If you are suffering with an odour that won’t go away, contact swift cleaning solutions for an effective clean today!

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