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The dangers of hoarding

Hoarding can begin for several reasons, whether it be a decline in mobility, mental health problems or just an overwhelming sense of hopelessness and shame that the situation has to be got too much to tackle without expert help.

Regardless of how the problem starts, hoarding can be dangerous for both mental and physical health. Here’s just a few reasons why hoarding needs to be tackled by specialists.



As clutter begins to accumulate, dangerous mould spores are given the opportunity to thrive and can be detrimental to respiratory health. If the person affected by hoarding is already unwell, then the clutter begins to prevent proper air circulation. This leads to an accumulation of mould and dust that can also trigger allergies and aggravate existing health conditions.



Loneliness is one of the biggest killers in the UK, and those affected by hoarding are often too embarrassed or ashamed of their home to allow any visitors to pass the threshold. This creates a vicious cycle that leaves the sufferer alone, socially isolated and trapped in their unhealthy home environment.


Anxiety and stress

A cluttered home can significantly heighten stress and anxiety and drain energy levels, especially when hoarders feel trapped by their own chaotic clutter.

Friends and family members may offer to help, but all this does is add pressure to an already delicate situation as they are not equipped to tackle such a monumental task with the delicacy and tack it requires.


Poor sanitation

Often, the accumulation of clutter renders many areas of the home completely inaccessible, or it can feel like an obstacle course just to reach the bathroom.

In these cases, both personal hygiene and the lack of proper nutrition can harm an individual’s immune system to the point that they are no longer able to look after themselves properly and require medical attention.


Pest infestations

One of the most potentially deadly effects of hoarding is pest infestations. Discarded food, empty containers and packaging left inside the home offer a free meal to any pests such as mites, bugs, mice and rats that carry a plethora of diseases.

As much as loved ones try to help, tackling the problem of hoarding needs a professional approach, in regards to both tact and specialist cleaning knowledge and equipment.

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2 thoughts on “The dangers of hoarding”

  1. Dave & Sally Farrington

    We recently commissioned George and crew to clean out our Aunt’s home in Birmingham after she passed away at home, as we live in another country and were left to deal with this, we had many questions and were at odds on what to do and how to do it. George made us feel comfortable right away and his professionalism, integrity and trustworthiness put us at ease immediately. We would highly recommend George to anyone facing a similar challenge. They came in on time completed the scope of work and were under the quote we agreed to. Its nice to deal with people who do what they say they will do on a handshake until such time for reconciliation. Thank you again Mr. Mackie!

    1. George Mackie

      Thank you both for taking the time to leave such gracious feedback. It’s always a sad and traumatic time for the family but we are always pleased to take some of the pressure. We hope you have been able to finalise your Aunt’s estate and on your way to achieving closure. Thank you again for choosing us.

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