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Top Tips For A Hoarding Clean up

A hoarding clean up is by no means an easy task to undertake. It comes with a lot of work behind it, involving adequate planning and a firm strategy in order for it to be executed efficiently and successfully. 

Where do you even start with such a mammoth task? In this article we will look through the process of a hoarding  clean up, and offer tips and pointers, to assist when you are next performing a hoarding clean up!

Talk about cleaning and organisation

This is a very important step in the process of a hoarding clean up, particularly if the hoarder is close to you. Talk with them about the benefits of structure and organisation within a home, but be sure to make clear that they are always the priority in this circumstance, and that you are simply here to help and support.

The way you communicate at this point is critical. Using neutral language emphasises that you are here to help them, and not make judgements on their lifestyle or home. This should be a process of opening up, and adding structure back into a life, not an opportunity for judgement or ridicule.

Outline an initial plan

Applying structure through the cleaning process is very important, as it acts as an example of what can be achieved through planning and organising. Generally speaking, it is best to break down your plan into three key parts:

  • Create a criterion to use for throwing away items
  • Make and keep to a schedule
  • Set yourself goals to reach

Be prepared

When cleaning and decluttering a hoarder’s space, it can be very dangerous. There can be biohazards harboured underneath the items which have been left for a very long time. These biohazards can contain many serious diseases within them, such as E. coli and Salmonella, can lead to serious health problems if you are not wearing the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Simple protective gear such as masks and gloves can make all the difference when it comes to protecting yourself against harmful biohazards, so make wearing them a priority throughout undertaking the hoarding clean-up process.

Making a strategy for waste removal

Having a strategy in place before you begin removing items is very important. It allocates a space for items that can be thrown away, and gives you a better idea of how much of the hoarder’s stuff will need to stay or be removed. A great way to implement this is by hiring a skip for the unwanted items. Ensure you base the size of the skip you need on how many items there are that need to go. This not only adds more structure to the clean, but also gives you a sense of perspective as to how big the project you’re taking on really is.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Hoarder Cleaning ServicesA hoarding clean-up project is not easy. It requires a lot of time, patience, and experience to complete, and it is perfectly understandable that you may most likely require help with seeing the clean up through. Some projects may just be on too big a scale for one or two people to manage on their own, or simply too dangerous to attempt.

If you require a hoarding clean up specialist with your project, be sure to contact Swift Specialist Cleaning Solutions, for a respectful, efficient and complete clean!

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