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What to do if you find discarded needles or drug paraphernalia 

Unfortunately, more and more of us are finding evidence of drug use around our residential streets, vacant properties, public toilets, leafy parks and work car parks on a daily basis.

Not only are discarded needles and drug paraphernalia a significant risk to our health, most people aren’t qualified or equipped to remove them safely and for as long as they remain there, they pose a risk to others.

However, there are specialist cleaning services that deal with discarded needles and drug paraphernalia on a regular basis, so here’s what to do if you find any discarded needles or drug paraphernalia.

Public Places

If you encounter used needles in a public place, it is essential that you contact your local council as soon as you possibly can. One of the easiest ways to log your unsavoury and potentially hazardous finding is to visit the .gov website that has an online system to help you report the issue.

Do not, under any circumstances, hide or attempt to move the drug paraphernalia yourself as you are at risk of infection or bloodborne pathogens.

It’s a good idea to alert any people nearby to the risk and ask them to stay away from the area and tell them that you have already reported the issue, so no further action needs to be taken.

The local council will then get in touch with a qualified and experienced needle and drug paraphernalia contractor such as ourselves and arrange for the offending items to be removed.

Private Property

If you’ve recently taken ownership of a property that shows all the signs of drug misuse, then, unfortunately, it is your responsibility to contact a syringe and drug paraphernalia removal specialist to conduct a full sweep of the property and safely remove and dispose of the items safely and responsibly.

As soon as you encounter evidence of drug misuse, clear the area of people and leave the property and grounds after securing the area. Next, call Swift Specialist Cleaning Solutions who will arrange a skilled and experienced drug paraphernalia removal specialist to visit the property as a priority.

Not only will the specialist remove any visible needles or other common drug evidence, but using their knowledge and experience of this issue will also do a full sweep of the property and gardens and help uncover any paraphernalia that might be hidden from view under carpet edges or bushes.

Once the area is entirely free of these hazards, you will be free to enter the property and grounds, and the specialist will take the needles away to a professional biohazard disposal area.

To find out more about our needle and drug paraphernalia removal service, click here.

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